stories of change

Gayatri`s Journey: Towards Resilience:

In a poignant chapter of Gayatri`s life, she found herself trafficked to Delhi at the tender age of 12, only to be rescued a few months later. GGBK, renowned for its unwavering efforts against human trafficking, played a pivotal role in orchestrating her safe return. Despite the nefarious collaboration of her traffickers and local police attempting to silence her family, Gayatri exhibited unyielding determination to continue her education.

In the face of a feeble police case, Gayatri`s resolve to pursue education became a beacon of hope. Fearing societal stigma, her family leaned towards the notion of early marriage for Gayatri. It was GGBK`s steadfast support that proved transformative. Convincing her family to allow her to rejoin school, Gayatri resumed her education in the 7th grade in 2015.

To sustain her academic journey, GGBK provided a grant of Rs. 25,000, enabling Gayatri to open a shop with her mother. The initiative also encompassed comprehensive training in shop management and basic accounting. Today, she stands resilient in the 11th grade, harboring aspirations of becoming a lawyer to advocate for trafficking victims.

Beyond being a survivor, Gayatri has emerged as a BandhanMukti leader, extending support to fellow survivors and their families, guiding them to access their rightful entitlements. Her story encapsulates the profound impact of GGBK, weaving narratives of empowerment, resilience, and a promising future.

Returning to School: Story of Anu:

Anu (name changed) born into a poverty-stricken family in the climate-change-affected Sundarbans delta, harbored dreams of becoming a dancer despite their hardships. Admitted to a dance school, her aspirations were shattered at 12 when she was lured away by her dance teacher, ending up in a Delhi brothel. Fortunately, Anu was later rescued, but the trauma left her hesitant about returning to school.

GGBK played a crucial role in Anu`s healing journey. Providing counseling and psychiatric support, the organization consistently engaged with her family to counteract prevailing stigma. Conducting awareness sessions in her school and mediating with authorities, GGBK created a supportive environment. Overcoming initial difficulties, Anu successfully passed her Secondary Board examination, demonstrating resilience and determination. Now aspiring to pursue higher education, GGBK actively works to secure funding for her continued studies. Anu`s story encapsulates the transformative impact of GGBK in rebuilding lives and fostering hope after the harrowing experience of human trafficking.

The Power of Livelihoods: Rama`s Story:

Rama (name altered) a mother of two, confronted the challenges of domestic violence and abandonment, leaving her with no savings or resources to sustain her family. Fearing the looming threat of trafficking, she turned to GGBK for assistance. The organization provided Rama with essential support, including clothing, medicines, and training in alternative livelihoods. Making a journey from Basanti to Canning, Rama acquired the skills to establish and manage a micro-business.

Venturing into selling fish at the local market and later expanding into poultry farming, Rama`s diligent efforts resulted in improved living conditions, ensured her daughters` education, and granted her newfound self-reliance. Today, Rama proudly owns a small thatched house, her elder daughter is married, and she confidently manages her life. Rama`s transformative journey reflects the impact of GGBK in empowering vulnerable individuals, providing them with the tools and support needed to build a secure and dignified life.