human trafficking

GGBK, adopts a comprehensive approach to combat human trafficking, focusing on prevention, protection, access to justice, and rehabilitation. The organization tailors interventions to address individual survivor needs and provides mental health counseling. Small economic support and entrepreneurship training aim to improve socio-economic conditions, ensuring access to justice through legal aid services.

Community Involvement and Leadership Development:

Community involvement and leadership development are vital for sustainable rehabilitation. GGBK combats stigma through campaigns, engaging with government agencies and fostering collaboration with police, legal authorities, and child protection committees. Over five years, GGBK has actively shaped practices and policies to enhance the fight against trafficking.

Protection Through Watch Groups:

In South 24 Parganas, GGBK mobilizes watch groups comprising community volunteers and influential members. These groups support victims, addressing issues of stigma and discrimination. Leveraging Panchayat communication channels, watch groups engage with government agencies and maintain regular contact with survivors, distributing the workload of social workers.

Ensuring Access to Justice:

GGBK prioritizes access to justice, extending legal aid services beyond funded projects. The organization collaborates with the government to connect survivors with legal aid structures, playing a pivotal role in preparing and counseling survivors for traffickers` prosecution. GGBK strives to improve sensitivity within the legal and criminal justice system, enhancing the conviction rate and promoting empathy.

Facilitating Compensation for Survivors:

GGBK facilitates access to victim compensation, guiding survivors through the entire process in collaboration with legal authorities. Their efforts have increased compensation grants, empowering survivors to start businesses and cover daily expenses, setting a best practice in West Bengal.


Recognizing poverty as a root cause of trafficking, GGBK focuses on rehabilitation strategies. They link survivors with government assistance, self-help groups, poverty alleviation schemes, and provide training in entrepreneurship. In 2018-2019, 27 survivors established micro-businesses, promoting sustainable livelihoods and successful community reintegration.

Strategic Partnerships and Capacity Building:

GGBK collaborates with a network of 36 organizations in West Bengal and Jharkhand to build community-level partnerships, reduce stigma, and empower survivor collectives. The organization invests in staff training on mental health and project management, enhancing their ability to address root causes and support survivors effectively.

Empowering Survivors Beyond Funding Periods:

GGBK`s commitment to survivors extends beyond project durations. The organization actively engages in continuous efforts to improve the legal system, enhance sensitivity, and bolster access to victim compensation.

In the ongoing journey against human trafficking, GGBK`s multifaceted interventions encompass prevention, protection, justice, and rehabilitation. The organization`s unwavering commitment and collaborative approach foster enduring positive change, empowering survivors and building resilient communities.