About us

About GGBK

GGBK, founded in 1985 and registered in 1987 in the Sunderbans, is a not-for-profit organization that primarily collaborates with vulnerable communities in West Bengal as well as other Indian states to build a society free from illiteracy, caste, creed, poverty, slavery, and gender discrimination.
GGBK aims to create meaningful opportunities for vulnerable citizens by addressing global concerns and social, environmental, and economic issues. Their focus is on developing outstanding leaders among women, youth, children, and differently-abled citizens, believing in their power and supporting them to build a life of dignity and self-respect. GGBK works with various organizations as knowledge-based support systems, conducting in-depth research and studies using a mixed-methods approach. The organization facilitates strategies for system strengthening, community interventions, policy engagement, and capacity building according to needs.


GGBK is committed to creating a just and equal society, fostering development and providing meaningful opportunities to the vulnerable without discrimination. We address challenges in disaster management and climate change, emphasizing the development of exceptional leaders among women, youth, and children. Our priority is working with the underprivileged on equal terms, promoting inclusivity and social equity.


GGBK envisions a community founded on justice, equality, and peace, catalyzing optimal opportunities for the vulnerable. Our goal is to ensure their access to essential resources for a dignified life while addressing challenges in disaster management and climate change. We are dedicated to cultivating exceptional leaders among women, youth, and children, with a steadfast focus on working with the underprivileged and championing inclusivity and social equity.

Values and Principles

GGBK is driven by core values that include justice, equality, peace, dignity, inclusivity, and a commitment to community development and environmental responsibility. These values shape our unwavering dedication to serving vulnerable individuals without discrimination. Guided by principles of leadership development, social equity, sustainability, and humanitarianism, GGBK actively addresses issues such as disaster management and climate change. Our mission and values collectively strive to create a just society, empowering and promoting the well-being of vulnerable individuals and communities.

Our Approach