bandhan mukti

BandhanMukti : A Force for Justice and Prevention

Nurtured by GGBK since 2011, BandhanMukti has emerged as a formidable force against trafficking and sexual violence in South 24 Parganas. Comprising 700 survivors, this collective serves as a platform to combat stigma, discrimination, and actively engages in outreach and liaison efforts.

BandhanMukti leaders, survivors themselves, champion justice and prevention. They collaborate with government stakeholders, conducting awareness programs in educational institutions, reaching fellow survivors, and liaising with the media to spotlight trafficking issues and encourage sensitive reporting. These leaders, catalysts for change, have even traveled to Delhi to engage with lawmakers and parliamentarians on the proposed Anti-Trafficking Bill.

Notably, BandhanMukti leaders played a pivotal role in founding the Integrated Leadership Forum against Trafficking (ILFAT), a national network of over 2,500 trafficking survivors. ILFAT is committed to a coordinated strategy for nationwide change, focusing on policy reform, education, and empowerment, all geared towards combatting trafficking and improving access to justice for survivors.

BandhanMukti`s success has led GGBK to aspire to replicate this impactful model in other districts of West Bengal, extending its reach to Jalpaiguri, Murshidabad, and Alipurduar. The expansion aims to empower more survivors, combat trafficking, and contribute to a broader movement for justice and prevention.

BandhanMukti stands not only as a support network for survivors but as a powerful collective actively shaping policies, engaging with authorities and fostering collaboration on a national scale. Through their efforts, they illuminate a path towards a more just and equitable future for survivors of trafficking and sexual violence.