livelihood promotion

Empowering Livelihoods in Marginalized Regions:

GGBK addresses the scarcity of employment opportunities in coastal and hilly regions through impactful vocational training and livelihood programs. Targeting marginalized communities, especially vulnerable women, youth, and survivors of gender-based violence, these initiatives encompass training in tailoring, computer skills, wool netting, and carpentry.

Holistic Support for Vulnerable Populations:

GGBK goes beyond training programs by extending livelihood support to vulnerable women and victims of human trafficking. More than 6,000 individuals have benefited from these efforts, offering alternative options for a secure and dignified life. The organization`s commitment to holistic support reflects in its multifaceted approach to addressing the diverse needs of marginalized communities.

Holistic Support for Vulnerable Populations:

GGBK introduces a specialized program that provides skill training to vulnerable women in an inclusive and safe environment. This program not only equips participants with valuable skills but also places a strong emphasis on ensuring suitable job placements for its graduates. The training center stands as a testament to collaborative efforts and successful endeavors in empowering women in the workforce.

GGBK and livelihood programs demonstrate a commitment to breaking the cycle of unemployment in marginalized regions. By empowering women, youth, and survivors, the organization not only imparts valuable skills but also creates pathways for a secure, dignified, and economically sustainable future. The success of these initiatives underscores GGBK`s dedication to fostering positive change in the lives of those often overlooked in traditional employment landscapes.