health, wellness and education

Health and Well-being:

GGBK prioritizes community health, collaborating with ALIMCO and ONGC to support individuals with physical disabilities. Identification camps organized during 2013-2014 provided aids like wheelchairs, tricycles, hearing aids, and walking sticks to 1,431 individuals. Mental health support for trafficking survivors is integral, increasing the number of Government Mental Health Clinics. Over 65 health camps, especially post-COVID-19 and Amphan disaster, further demonstrate GGBK`s commitment to holistic well-being.

Safe Water and Sanitation:

GGBK addresses fundamental needs in Basanti and Canning-I Block, South 24 Parganas, benefiting 9,400 families and over 30,000 people. The project provides drinking water facilities, latrines, and distributes water purification tablets and ORS. GGBK aims not only to provide relief but also promotes community development through hygiene awareness campaigns, addressing health concerns and fostering sustainable practices.


For over two decades, GGBK has unwaveringly addressed educational needs, running 26 non-formal schools despite challenges like broken roofs and inadequate infrastructure. The commitment and passion of teachers persevere, reflecting GGBK`s determination to uplift local youth through education. Despite sub-optimal conditions, the community`s appreciation and eagerness to send children to GGBK`s centers underscore the organization`s enduring impact on education.

GGBK`s holistic approach to health, wellness, and education exemplifies its commitment to community upliftment. Through targeted initiatives, the organization not only addresses immediate needs but also promotes sustainable practices, fostering lasting positive change in the regions it serves.