youth and children

GGBK`s `Suraksha` program, launched in 2019, empowers vulnerable youth in the Sundarbans to become proactive leaders. Initiatives like `Girls Power` and `Amader Suraksha` equip 225 youth in Canning Sub-Division with skills to combat issues like child marriage and domestic violence.

Specialized training and self-defense programs enable these youth to address societal challenges actively. Collaborating with local authorities, they advocate for improved infrastructure, enhancing village safety. Their engagement extends to rallies against deforestation, child labor, trafficking, and river ecosystem damage, shaping a safer future for the Sundarbans.

Child Marriage Prevention

GGBK takes a steadfast stance against child marriage in the Sunderbans and West Bengal, implementing comprehensive programs like "Suraksha" and "Leadership Next." Mitigation efforts include community engagement and awareness programs, challenging customs and social norms perpetuating child marriage.

Legal strategies involve active pursuit of prosecution against those involved, holding offenders accountable and deterring future occurrences. GGBK strives to create a safer, more equitable environment for youth, ensuring they thrive free from the shackles of child marriage.

Campaign Against Child Labor

GGBK`s "Free a Child" initiative combats child labor, making strides through programs like "Suraksha." As part of the Campaign Against Child Labor, GGBK is resolutely committed to establishing a child labor-free zone by 2025. This commitment reflects unwavering dedication to eradicating child labor, ensuring every child enjoys a safe, nurturing, and education-focused environment, free from exploitation.

GGBK`s interventions among youth and children, marked by programs fostering leadership, preventing child marriage, and combating child labor, exemplify a commitment to transformative change. These initiatives empower vulnerable communities, shaping a future where youth can thrive and children can grow in environments free from exploitation and undue hardships.