Migrant Lives Matter!

The covid induced lockdown has landed a major blow in the entire economy. Many people, especially migrant workers had lost their work and livelihood. The task to improve the lives of the villagers was huge. But backing down was not an option.

GGBK has taken a humongous Task to improve the lives of over 500 Migrant Workers. What we have done:
  • Providing primary relief materials.
  • Financial Support to the best of their ability.
  • Efforts have been made to help them avail government support. GGBK tried to spread awareness about it among them as well.
  • Attempts to help them start working again. GGBK have tried to find ways of earning for them. For instance, taking to the administration and helping many find work under the 100 days’ work scheme.
  • Talking to various Self-Help groups to provide special training.
  • Focusing on mental health and counseling.
  • Covid Awareness Campaigns were launched through Online Medium.