The Super cyclone Amphan had created a major havoc in the Sunderbans. Homes were lost, countless lives were affected, the ecological Balance was destroyed. GGBK came up to the task. Emergency and long-term measures were established to repair the damage left by the nature’s rage.

Our Work:
  • Housing reparations were made in over 70 Villages.
  • Over 7200 people received aid.
  • Health camps were established in different sectors.
  • New ponds were dug in the most affected areas.
  • Survivors of Human Trafficking were supported with loans from Self-Help Groups.
  • New Saplings were planted in the devastated regions.
  • Villagers were supported with seeds and fertilizers to start Organic Farming.
  • Disaster Mapping was done in the entire work sector for future counter-measures.
  • As of now disaster prevention training is being given to multiple villagers.