Tafteesh as we all know is a coalition of survivors of human trafficking, lawyers, social workers, probation officers, psychologists, researchers, and human rights activists. Its main aim is to empower survivors of human trafficking to claim justice. There are numerous survivor collectives like
Bandhanmukti Survivors’ Collective
and like-minded organizations like GGBK, fighting for the rights of the survivors through Tafteesh. Victim compensation for the survivors is something that always gets lost in the bureaucratic procedures. However, we are delighted to know that the victim compensation orders were passed for two trafficking survivors, Anupama and Kashmira. The petition to provide compensation to each of them by filed DLSA lawyers. This marks the beginning of a systemic change as more state-level lawyers are willingly taking up the cases of the survivors than private lawyers. This is also building accountability for all the stakeholders involved. It is a long road ahead. But we believe that change will come!

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