Shilpa became a victim of trafficking when she was 14 years old. She was taken away from her family and was sold into sex work. After 5 years, with the help of GGBK and authorities, Shilpa returned to her family. By then, her parents have aged considerably and lost all means of income. Along with the members of GGBK, Shilpa started knocking many doors in order to garner adequate compensation and support for the livelihood of her family. Unfortunately nobody responded to her call. She started to look for a job in desperation. Wherever Shilpa went, she was greeted with humiliation for her past as a sex worker. Apart from that her trafficker started threatening her family in order to disrupt the ongoing investigation. Being unable to bear her tumultuous present and seeing even a bleaker future ahead, Shilpa returned to her agonising past which she was trying to forget all these years. She was compelled to start sex work again.

However, because of the ongoing Pandemic her past ‘profession’ was affected badly. The mandate of physical distancing began to drive away her ‘customers’. All her tears,agony were accounted to nothing. Currently the lives of her family are hanging by a thread.

We GGBK, have encountered many such women like Shilpa. Without economic rehabilitation the livelihoods of many trafficking survivors are now in jeopardy. As a result of this many survivors are being forced to return to their past lives. Thus, we have decided to extend our fundraising campaign for another 10 days in order to support them.

10 days is all you and I have to change lives of survivors who have succumbed to pain and hurt. If you wish to be a part of rebuilding lives do click on the link below and donate. *After you donate, do ensure that you pass the BATON of “GIVING” to another person*. Every penny counts for these survivors who are looking forward to a more deserving life. *Please support this campaign* by clicking on the link above and donate with a Credit/Debit card, Wallets, UPI, Net-banking, etc. This campaign has 80G tax benefits. Link to fund:

Kamonohashi Project かものはしプロジェクトIndian Leadership Forum Against TraffickingIndia Working Group Against Trafficking – IWGTafteeshTerre des hommes – India


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