‘Home is where the heart is.’

Every dream begins at home. It’s the place for rest and rejuvenation, to forget the troubles of the world and to start anew. Losing home is losing your roots. The life of the homeless is undefinable by words. Such is the case for many survivors if human trafficking who have lost their homes in Amphan Super-cyclone during the covid-19 pandemic. In many instances, their houses have been ransacked by the perpetrators, who have taken their necessary belongings. Once a place for dreams have turned into the house of fear. Without proper shelter survival is becoming difficult day by day. To rebuild these homes to their original state,proper funding is absolutely crucial.

We GGBK, along with the Survivors have knocked many doors for contribution. However it’s still not enough to transform the houses of fear to the houses of dream. Therefore we appeal to all of you for standing by the survivors and contribute.

Today is the last day on which you and I have the power to change the lives of survivors who have succumbed to pain and hurt. If you wish to be a part of rebuilding lives do click on the link below and donate. *After you donate, do ensure that you pass the BATON of “GIVING” to another person*. Every penny counts for these survivors who are looking forward to a more deserving life. *Please support this campaign* by clicking on the link above and donate with a Credit/Debit card, Wallets, UPI, Net-banking, etc. This campaign has 80G tax benefits. Link to fund: https://www.fueladream.com/home/campaign/37533

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