Perhaps the greatest honour of all is to be recognized by the Honourable Prime Minister of India. Yesterday was ILFAT’s first anniversary of its foundation. Indian Leadership Forum against Trafficking, as we all know is a National Platform consisting of various Survivor led Collectives across the country. The purpose of this platform is to challenge the evil of Human Trafficking nationally, empower the survivors to become better leaders, form a co-ordination between different state level survivor collectives and to act as a liaison between different Government Authorities and grassroot level collectives. The platform has one simple mission– the eradication of Human Trafficking from the country. BandhanMukti Survivors Collective under our mentorship has blossomed into an integral part of ILFAT. We, Goranbose Gram Bikash Kendra having witnessed the everyday struggle and growth of these warriors couldn’t have felt more proud!

Yesterday was a humbling experience for all of us as a congratulatory message from the Honorable Prime Minister reached the representatives of ILFAT. A recognition from the highest office in the country is like a dream come true. We express our heartfelt gratitude to the Prime Minister for taking his time to write this.

The recognition from the highest office, has added fuel to the fire in our hearts. The fire of continuous resistance against Human Trafficking. We pledge not to yield against any circumstance, and to make our country a better place.

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